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Science and Sound Therapy

"Since the development of quantum physics in the twentieth century, discoveries made in medical physics reveal the body as a complex interplay of biofields in which energy-information flows throughout the organism. At the level of the cell, information is exchanged through electromagnetic signals—primarily in the far infra-red spectrum—in addition to biochemical signals and sonic frequencies. At the atomic level, biological complexities, and energy-information flow, can be viewed in terms of vibration. It is in this context that vibrational medicine has its roots: considering the energetic (vibrational) interconnectedness of the mind-body system, and since the body is comprised of vibrational energy, a wide variety of vibrational and energetic modalities are available to support the patient’s physiology, including sound and music.   In this lecture, acoustic-physics scientist, John Stuart Reid, will distil for us an outline of his chapter on Sound Therapy and Music Medicine, authored for a new medical text book of alternative therapeutic modalities, including pain mediation by sound, and several biological mechanisms that are catalyzed in the body by specific sound frequencies and by music. Some of the mechanisms discussed in the lecture are best stimulated by full body immersion in sound or music, while others can be delivered via high specification headphones." - John Stuart Reed

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