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After her first Biofield Tuning introductory virtual session, this is what Ellie has to say:

That was certainly a new experience for me and I'm quite amazed by what my body felt, especially meeting over Zoom.  I'm still integrating everything and sense there have been some shifts in my energy field. I have been experiencing greater awareness of synchronicities unfolding in my life that are ushering in feelings of gratitude and trust in what lies ahead.  I'm also releasing emotions that have been held by my wounded inner child and offering her deep compassion as she faces her fears.  My session with you made me aware of just how much energy has been locked up deep inside me.  There is an excitement to see what's possible when these blocks that I needed for protection at one time are offered the opportunity to break free so that I can live life more authentically and joyfully.  I sense that I'm being given a beautiful opportunity to heal and grow in a way that will transform my relationship with myself and allow me to be a more loving and compassionate person to everyone in my life.  Let the journey begin!

~Ellie B., Port Townsend, WA

What a truly transformative experience! This was my first sound healing experience, and wasn't sure what to expect. I'm beyond grateful for the timing of the sound healing session because I was going through a couple rough transitions. I went from feeling 'out of body', disconnected, and unable to identify the dissonance to feeling fully realigned. It was like the puzzle pieces of myself were scattered, and the relaxing sound bath put the puzzle pieces back together, whole-ly. Sharon was also able to intuitively pull some language to how I was feeling. In the following week, things were falling into place with messages and connections that has helped to further center me and move forward in a grounded way. Highly recommend!

~Joanne Homestead, Colorado (after a virtual 30 minute Introductory Sound Healing Session)

I had an intuitive feeling that I was needing some energy work to address some issues with my esophagus as well as a traumatic injury from a fall from a horse years earlier. Sound healing felt like the right choice so I found Sharon via google and reached out to learn more. Between the time we spoke and my appointment, I stumbled upon an interview on the Gaia network with a sound healer named Eileen McKusik. Eileen mentioned that she certifies practitioners all over the world. I looked up practitioners in WA and lo and behold, there was Sharon! I was delighted to know that she had been certified with Eileen McKusik who developed a highly informative and effective healing method with tuning forks. I had my first VIRTUAL session via Zoom yesterday. It was AMAZING. I could feel energy moving through me and felt myself smiling uncontrollably as some heaviness lifted. I slept like a baby. I am looking forward to the next series of appointments to continue on the healing journey. Sharon is a genuinely gifted healer who knows her stuff.

-Lee Beaven-Wickham, Port Townsend, WA

I got to receive Sharon's intuitive and healing attention earlier today with her sound bath offering, and I'm so filled with gratitude. I literally felt my legs all the way to my hair vibrate during the session and gained so much peace and clarity. She is incredibly gifted.

After the session when she shared her findings with me it blew me away to hear how close what she said related to what came up for me during the session. I felt supported, understood and hopeful of progress.

Our conversations and focus were around the solar plexus and about an hour after our session my gut gurgled and rumbled and I felt flow in an area I knew had been blocked for some time. I'm really blown away and excited to have crossed paths with her.

Again, she has an incredible gift.

~Carrie Lawrence, Detroit

The biofield tuning sessions with Sharon felt very powerful and pertinent, with incredible insights into parts of the past that were ready to be released and their relationship to difficulties I'm experiencing in my life right now. I felt lighter, freer and more grounded after our work together, and it has helped me to have a significant breakthrough in my career that I had been longing for for several years. Thank you, Sharon ! You are truly gifted and on purpose with this work!

~Fran, France

My session with Sharon was my first experience with sound healing and it was amazing and unforgettable.  Sharon held a beautiful space for me, in our online session and made me feel safe and open for the experience. 

I really value her interest and questions about me to make the session personalized and unique for me.

During the session I felt really relaxed and received unforgettable downloads that are now part of my journey. I felt the energy move through me all the way from my feet through my head. 

After the sound healing session I felt invited to show more of myself in my business and ¡I did!. I showed up live during 30 days, faced that resistance and feel much more confident in my business and in my intuition. 

Cynthia González, Spain - Business Coach at La del Negocio

My first sound bath experience with Sharon was nothing short of amazing! Going into it I didn't know what to expect but straight away I started feeling a shift in energy and expansion on a soul level. But that was not all, further into a session I have received numerous messages, downloads and guidance to aid me in my new business, that straight after I wrote some content and my post on social media got the most engagement I have ever got and others have been able to see the difference in how I was showing up and presenting myself on a call.  All of this just from a 20 minute session, I can't imagine what shifts can happen during a longer one!

~Julia, Australia 

I recently had my very own sound bath healing session with Sharon. Leading up to the session my meditation kept telling me that I needed to focus on feeling free of stagnant energy. When I first met Sharon she was very calm and had a nice, warming energy. I loved the sound bowls that she had chosen for me, especially the 2 heart ones. I currently had been working hard on my heart centre and also my solar plexus which she also mentioned both of these things before she got started. As soon as she started playing I could feel my solar plexus vibrating and worked it's way down through my feet. As if the stagnant energies were releasing from my body down through my feet. I started to see my ancestors all walking in front of me and she mentioned she was feeling my ancestors coming through for me. About 5 minutes left of the healing session she mentioned a headache and at that very moment I felt the tension in my head and neck release right after she mentioned it. She kept talking about how it's okay for me to own my power and this is exactly what my ancestors have been saying to me as well so this resonated. My goal for the session was to free and release myself from any old stagnant energy I may have been holding onto and within minutes of the session ending I immediately felt free and relaxed. It was so releasing that I had to have a nap after my body letting go of so much. I would recommend sound healing to anyone, it was so fascinating to me that it was just as effective over zoom as it could have been in person. Thank you Sharon, this was a blessed personal sound healing session. You will help so many other on their healing journey.

~Nyko Bootes, Edmonton, Alberta

I went in Sharon's one on one program hopeful but not knowing any possible outcome nor expected results. I believe in the power of sound and vibration yet I was in a dark place when I started barely having any trust. And it was also my first time to reach out to a total stranger via social media. Still something in me felt to go ahead when I saw Sharon's page and her alignment with working on opening up our passion. In a time frame of 4 months, it turned out to be a very deep transformative journey and exceeded all my expectations. All I can say is the tuning forks really work, and the online distance didn't matter cause I felt and received everything that was happening during the session. I was a totally different person when I finished the program then when I started. I ended up releasing very rooted patterns that don't serve me anymore, while opening up to my creative expression and passion. I connected to my inner child and found myself again but in a renewed way. I was more joyful, lighter, and much clearer to who I am... and so much more. All of that with a very gentle yet powerful sound healing tool. As for Sharon, I feel so blessed to reach out to her. I felt she was really engaged whole heartedly with full dedication to this work. She would spend around 2 hours each session giving me much more time than I expected. She really held space for me so gracefully and she was always working with her intuition and channeling what I needed. Because of her continuous beautiful gentle supportive nature, I was able to open up more and give her my trust which in my opinion is an essential factor to establish for deep healing to occur. Thank you Sharon

~Corinne Saad, Egypt

I recommend sound healing for dealing with childhood trauma. I have been working on my trauma for over 12 years and I have tried many different modalities. I really appreciated the gentleness of the approach with the sound bath. I didn't get retraumatised and I didn't get in my head about the trauma so this is a really powerful way to shift old material for me. I am close to a week out from my sound bath and I am still experiencing the benefits and integrating the shifts.

The day after my sound bath I spent all day releasing sadness and sorrow and I could feel where the energy was moving through my body, random aches and other types of movement in my body. I felt much better each day after, lighter and happier. Sharon was compassionate and intuitive during our session and I highly recommend Sharon's services as they are a valuable source of healing.

~Tanya Sarvay, Ohio

I recently had the privilege of having a Biofield Tuning session with Sharon. I wasn’t sure what to expect, as this was my first session. Sharon explained what she was doing all throughout the session. It was very relaxing, and I was surprised at the energy blocks she discovered because they corresponded perfectly with events in my life that Sharon would have no way of knowing about.

After the session, my body had a fluid feeling to it, unlike anything I’ve ever felt before. The best thing about the session, though, is that the chronic back pain I have struggled with for years is now virtually non-existent.

Prior to the session, I couldn’t sit for more than about 20 minutes without having to get up and move around to try to alleviate the pain. That has all changed. Now I have to remind myself to get up and move because there is no pain making me do it.

I don’t understand how it all works, but I do know that it has helped me tremendously. I am so thankful for her help. I highly recommend working with Sharon. 😊

~Laurie Emerson, Entrepreneur, San Antonio, Texas

Working with Sharon Buck has been extremely impactful for me. The marriage of Biofield Tuning and Sharon’s intuitive gift is one of the most powerful healing modalities I have encountered. Whenever I work with Sharon, it is as if deep hidden blocks I am still carrying unconsciously are unearthed and released, allowing me to reclaim my power, become more visible and trusting in my business and find a creative flow and clarity that was not there before. Working with Sharon has been a deeply relaxing and healing experience that has transformed me and my business from the inside out. I highly recommend working with her if you want to free yourself up from the unconscious blocks and stories that are still keeping you stuck.

~Ilsa Comte Adair, Psychotherapist and Coach, Boulder, Colorado

I had the amazing opportunity to do a distant sound bowl healing with Sharon. I simply cannot say enough nice things about this woman and her skills. Her voice was like that of an angel and the bowl music was simply perfect. I felt rejuvenated and restored. Wasn’t just a spiritual experience for me, it was also a physical one. Through her chanting my soul opened and my understanding blossomed. Even my aches and pains from my workouts, which include weights and boxing, were washed away. Everything she did for me was clear and concise and simply wonderful. If any of you need to be refreshed inside and out from your daily stresses, Sharon is the one to talk too so you can experience what she has to offer. I know I will be returning to her very soon.

~Maxx Angenetta Jones Lifecoachingtoday, Morgantown, Pennsylvania

Prior to starting my biofield tuning sessions, I could barely get out of bed, was tired all the time, sad, depressed, and angry with no motivation and frustrated at life in general. Also felt as though my intuition was off or I couldn't trust it and didn't have direction (felt lost). I knew I could not continue like this any longer and needed some deep inner work ASAP! 

I am generally not a trusting person, especially when allowing someone to connect with my energy field and emotions. As soon as I had my first chat with Sharon, I knew right away that I would be able to trust her and that she only had my best interests in mind. Throughout my sessions I was comfortable enough to let out emotions (which is hard for me with new people), felt free to feel whatever came up, and trusted that there was no judgement whatsoever from her.

Now, I'm able to get up earlier, have more energy, don't feel depressed, have more motivation, a brighter outlook on life, and feel more connected to myself. I feel as though I've started to "get myself back", have more confidence and I've noticed certain negative thoughts or negative self-talk I used to have are gone. I feel like there is more "room" in my body. My headaches are gone (which used to be intense and almost daily). Surprisingly, my eating habits have changed in that I crave healthy foods now, or am just not as hungry.  Not one of my goals, but I think that doing this work has changed my connection with food in that it is not emotional anymore but just fuel for my body. I have a better appreciation for life in general and feel more connected to myself and the planet. I think I still have some work in trusting my intuition and listening to my soul/spirit guidance, but definitely feel I'm now on the right path.

This tuning has also allowed me to understand further how past trauma has formed my mindset at a young age, how it impacts us as adults in everything we do and how it is so important to heal those wounds to be able to function as a healthy adult and have healthy relationships. It's truly transformational work and I'm sure I still have yet to see all of the ways it has helped me.  I always say, if everyone took the time to heal themselves, this world would be a much better place! Even if you're on the fence about it, or unsure, just go for it...  YOU are worth the investment in yourself and your happiness!

~Victoria, Entrepreneur, Chicago, Illinois

I had never experienced a sound healing before and when I met Sharon, I knew I had found an incredibly gifted and intuitive healer! I have had four sessions, one each week for the last four weeks. When I started I had been having severe digestive issues for over seven weeks. I was worn down from being in pain every day, and I was not sleeping well, because of the pain. Within one session, I felt more grounded, less lethargic and could feel old and very stuck energies starting to move. Within three weeks, my digestion had improved about 95% and I felt like a new woman. I had much more energy, I was feeling more positive about my life and I started to actually feel inspired again to accomplish some of my goals. The fourth session was profound and layers of attached unhealthy patterns and energies began to clear. My digestion is pretty much back to normal, and I am so deeply grateful for Sharon's compassion, incredible intuition and wisdom.  I should clarify that this was all done through a Zoom call, and it felt even more amazing, because it was as though Sharon could see and feel my body and energy field and she knew exactly what I needed for healing. Thank you Sharon, I will definitely be booking more healing sessions in the near future!!  

~D., Poulsbo, Washington

During our first session, I had a sense of being freed-up from a burden of heaviness and constriction that I've been carrying since childhood. After that session, I felt a sense of belonging that I have rarely felt in the past. . .belonging right where I am inside myself, belonging in my physical environment, and belonging on the planet.

~ Ralph Lewis, West Bend, Wisconsin

The shift that's occurring within me now is supporting my expression in the world. I feel like I'm getting closer and closer to channeling my energies into a way to be of service in the world by expressing and sharing my truth in a way that will benefit others. I'm not rushing the materialization of the form this will take - I'm purposefully being patient - but it's a vortex growing within me and I trust that when I'm ready, it will give birth to the me that I want to be living here.

~Ralph Lewis, West Bend, Wisconsin (after his 3rd session of Biofield Tuning)

I had an amazing session with Sharon a couple of days ago. Before the session I felt overwhelmed and exhausted. The session itself was a beautiful, magical and deep experience. Sharon is a very good Intuitive Guide, who will assist you safely through this experience. I liberated myself from the sadness and burden of previous generations I had been carrying in my system, which was blocking me and my energy flow.  After a session I felt energized and relieved. The next day I made a huge decluttering at my house and now I am ready for the next level on my Soul path. I recommend a sound session with Sharon with all my heart.

~Magdalena, Transformational Coach, Poland (after one session over Zoom)

I'm a 67-year-old woman who, two weeks ago, backed off a platform and fractured my pelvis in three places.  I should add that I have osteoporosis in that area, as well as metastasized breast cancer tumors.  During the 2.5 hour surgery, Sharon performed distance Reiki, but I did not know about it until we talked that evening.   The following is a factual report.  I had minimal pain following the surgery, easily controlled with Tylenol (they offer Oxycodone).  One doctor who dropped into Recovery said, "I can't believe she is looking this good right after surgery."  A two-to-three night hospital stay was predicted.  I went home the day after because I could walk to the bathroom and climb stairs.  I can walk with a cane at home, and at a normal pace around town with a wheeled walker.  For purposes of comparison, my same-age cousin took 10 weeks to recover from a similar accident.  I visited a new health-care provider yesterday, who looked at me with some surprise and said, "Well! You are doing well.  After reading your report, I really didn't know what to expect. Certainly my diet (plant-based) and level of physical activity were factors, but my year of experience with Sharon's treatments, which have repeatedly relieved pain, induced calm, and restored energy, only supports this recent evidence that Reiki is a powerful instrument of healing, and should be used more widely. 

-Mary Z., Edmonds, WA

Sharon is a true professional offering a variety of skills such as Massage, Reiki, and Biofield Tuning. I have visited many massage therapists over the years, but Sharon is by far my favorite. She also has helped heal my body aches with Reiki. Sharon is really in tune to my needs. I especially enjoy Biofield Tuning both in person and via the internet. Since seeing Sharon, I feel more centered and relaxed. My son who is on the spectrum of autism has also reaped the benefits of seeing her. He enjoys Biofield Tuning and every time he has a session he seems less anxious and more focused.  I recommend Sharon for anyone wishing to reap the benefit of self-care. 

~K.B., Calgary, Alberta

Since I got up . . .I feel the best I have felt in weeks!! Yahoo for you and your healing!! Thank you so much, these sessions are really working and I feel like quite a bit more energy shifted, this time than the first time last week. “

~D., Poulsbo, WA



Sharon has given me many massages and recently gave me one of the best massages I've ever had.  It's the energy work, however, that has had the most dramatic effect.  I was skeptical about Biofield Tuning, but since I have health issues was open to any alternative therapy that made sense.  My aim was to release emotional blockages due to old hurts, so I could have a better quality of life while I am here.  This did happen, and to my surprise, I felt relaxed, safe, and comfortable throughout.  I lay fully clothed and tucked under blankets on a warm table, listening to the vibrations of the tuning forks and floating in and out of consciousness.  In a very natural way, and with some gentle guidance from Sharon, memories surfaced which I had lost track of, and which I was able to address later with a therapist who specializes in trauma. This emotional housecleaning would have fully satisfied me, but there were bonuses.  In the following weeks I felt lighter and less fearful, and was able to complete tasks that looked daunting before.  I slept longer and more deeply.  In a completely unexpected development, I regained some sensation in my fingers, which had been numb for eight years. It used to take a minute of fumbling to put on my pierced earrings; a week later, my fingers were doing it in one try. I started with three treatments, one per week (in person).  At the time I was receiving a conventional medical treatment, and at one point was so exhausted I couldn't stop crying.  Sharon gave me 45 minutes of Reiki, and that evening I took part in a dance rehearsal, probably the most energized person there.  I also needed fewer pain meds—easily verifiable as I note my intake daily. I do not understand the physics of Biofield Tuning and Reiki, but they work for me.  And they are becoming mainstream:  more and more often, acupuncture, yoga, Qi Gong and meditation are being recommended by top health care facilities. Energy work may still be on the medical horizon, but it is starting to look like a revolution.  Sharon is a skilled practitioner, intuitive, compassionate, and with a profound understanding of human physiology based on her training as a Licensed Massage Therapist and her experience as a vocal coach.  I highly recommend her practice.

 ~Mary Z., Edmonds, WA

Sharon is such a lovely, gifted and intuitive healer with an impressive professional skill set in various complementary modalities.  In our remote Biofield Tuning session I felt totally safe and supported, understood and listened to, like she was right there with me. Her intuition was spot on in the questions that she asked and where she felt guided to concentrate the tuning. For weeks before the session I had been feeling constriction in my lungs.  Sharon released that and a lot more and my breathing is so much easier now in both my lungs and diaphragm. After the session I am also feeling so much more grounded, present and calm. I did wonder if a remote session would be as effective as in person, and now I can say without hesitation that remote is just as powerful. I could feel the energy in different parts of my body even though we are in different continents! 

~Joanna F., Artist, Australia

My muscles are more relaxed and I don't feel as stressed. My mind wandered a little in meditation this morning, but not as much as it has been. I was really impressed by the way you picked up on crucial time periods and I remembered something from when I was 19, which is the one that initially didn't ring a bell. Very impressive work! 

~Roberta Alessandro, DDT, C.Ht, Entrepreneur, Manhattan, New York



After my first Biofield Tuning session which was done at a distance online. I feel more secure, grounded, easeful.  More in tune with myself.  Spacious and trusting.  I listen for guidance.  I’ve freed up space for myself and others.  Tension in my jaw is abated.  New ideas are coming in.  I have less resistance.  Ability to be present with what is going on for my husband and a dear friend who shared some awful things that happened to her.  Amidst starting up a business, I am making good decisions about my daily life; when to stop working and breathe, go outside, center.  My body feels better.  More relaxed.  Natural wellness is flowing.  My natural sparkle is out more.  I couldn’t be more pleased with the results of one hour of Sharon’s healing.

~Dawn S., Virginia

I've been an insomniac for over 30 years.  Some nights are worse than others but I rarely get a full night's sleep.  The night before last night I had hardly slept at all I think I got about 2 hours sleep, I was exhausted all day so I was really needing some sleep.  But at 1am I was lying in bed totally awake and getting frustrated.  I then remembered that during the day I had downloaded an audio file of Sharon doing a Biofield Tuning session but I hadn't had a chance to listen to it.  So I turned it on hoping it would help me get some sleep and it worked.  I got about 7 hours sleep.  I woke up briefly a few times but I was able to quickly return to sleep. Thank you so much Sharon. 

~Kerry-Anne Amisse, Geelong, Australia

Sharon Buck's Biofield Tuning sessions are sheer genius. Before the session, I was feeling stressed and overwhelmed, to the point that I couldn't focus on getting things done. As Sharon worked with her tuning forks, muscles I didn't know I had began to relax and the stress eased. The next day, I was able to accomplish more than I had in days and the anxiety had melted away. Sharon and I live on different coasts, yet her tuning forks work like magic, even at a distance. 

~Roberta Alessandro, DDT, C.Ht, Entrepreneur, Manhattan, New York

I was not familiar with Biofield Tuning and wasn’t sure what to expect. In my remote session with Sharon, I felt safe and comfortable, and the experience was very powerful. Sharon is a gifted, intuitive and heart centered healer.

~Leslie, Artist, Seattle, WA

Although, I am a seasoned Holistic Practitioner I had no idea what to expect from a virtual session with Sharon.  It's always different when you switch roles from being the Practitioner. The session with Sharon was great!  She was very attentive during the session and encouraged me to share (or not) what I was experiencing.  I came out of the session releasing and detoxing, just as Sharon said I would.  I wasn't feeling well at all (often happens after a healing session), With her words ringing in my head, I pushed myself to take the healing bath and drink water afterward. The following day.  I felt so much lighter.  I knew some of the energetic weights Sharon had worked on...had been lifted from my shoulders. Can't wait to have another session! 

~Tammy, Entrepreneur, Oklahoma

I received a treatment from Sharon . . .it was great. I felt the energy flowing, had a little cry during the procedure, felt my pain easing and when she was finished I felt a sense of peace/calmness. I had a full 7 hour sleep that night. . .Haven't slept like that in a very long time. . .thank you Sharon ox 

~Barb Bolyea, Ontario, Canada

A Healing Story:

So something amazing has happened! I took on working with an adult with a serious mental health issue (one that is considered having a low success rate with treatment) and had no idea if I could help--but I said yes, trusting in the process. I knew instinctively her mother also needed some work, but only casually mentioned it after a couple of sessions. Nothing has worked for this young lady, and the medications made things worse. When I met her, she was catatonic, unresponsive verbally, had her eyes closed the whole session, and looked and felt like a limp rag doll.

The fourth session was a remote phone session with both her and her mother--it was a POWERFUL session! A lot of energy surfaced, lots of emotions, tears, connecting mother and daughter, and the grandmothers also showed up!! There was a lot of heavy, stagnant energy that was very constricted that was released.

After the session, the mother e-mailed me about how dramatically differently her daughter showed up--interacting, being physically active (enough to walk with her on the beach and go swimming), and laughing.

Today, when I saw her for an in-person session (the others were all in-person), she already looked and acted different. During the session she laughed heartily! She laughed several times (guess I was funny!) and she didn't seem to want the session to end, so I lingered a bit.

As I left, the mother told me how they wanted to continue sessions.

Here's what the mother wrote after Session 4 (I have her permission to share):

We were able to go on a few walks and play in the waves and along the shore for 2 long periods. Also, we practiced riding our tandem bike (S. didn't try it, but says she wants to in the future😊). S. has been more responsive - more present since our phone session with you. The session was an amazing experience for me. I wasn't expecting the spontaneous tears and strong emotions that came up in me. I can really see that it will be helpful for me to do more of my own work. FYI: Last time we went to the ocean (in June) S. wouldn't take her shoes off or go in the water, but this time she did both on her own. She seemed to really enjoy standing in the waves and just looking out at the vast ocean - when we were ready to go she didn't really want to leave!

I really appreciate you helping us on this healing journey❣️

  Bodywork Testimonials:

Truly a master of her craft! Sharon gave me the best massage I have ever had (and I have had a LOT of massages). Her depth of knowledge and experience make her the best in the business. I will utilize her again and would recommend her to anyone and everyone!! Book an appointment today...you will be happy you did!

~Darrin, Seattle, WA

After two combined bodywork and sound healing sessions this happy client writes:

I recently received my second massage from Sharon. They were very different from each other, yet both were just what I needed at the time. Since I didn't have anything particular in mind for the first massage, we agreed that she'd follow her instincts. They were spot on. She began by relaxing me with deep tissue massage at a perfect amount of pressure (which I love for its therapeutic value on top of the feel-good aspect). This opened me for the sound/energy work that followed. This was new to me, and I was intrigued--and properly mystified--by the way that tuning forks seemed to change pitch. Sharon explained that they do that when energy is blocked. In weaving together an array of techniques (tuning forks, bowls, and Reiki) the session provided me with emotional opening and deep physical nurturing. I felt safe and receptive, and I experienced an amazing amount of emotional release, something I was looking for to continue to process the recent sudden death of my husband. Even the day after the massage, it continued to keep me centered and emotionally open. 

In the second session, like the first one, I trusted her instincts to determine the modalities she'd use. She made it seem effortless to find my tight muscles and restricted areas and she perfectly intuited the amount of pressure and intention needed to help me release. I believe that in a good massage, like a good meal, the experience of the whole requires that each of the parts become seamless, invisible, and complementary. Sharon's confidence in her skills provided that experience for me.

Anybody who knows me knows that I don't spend money on luxuries. While massages are luxurious, I'm realizing that there is nothing more precious than health--emotional, spiritual, and physical. I could spend this amount of money on health insurance, or I can spend it on insuring my health. I'm thankful that Sharon has helped me step on the latter path.

~Janet, Port Townsend area, Washington

~"I have visited many massage therapists over the years, but Sharon is by far my favorite." - Kirsten, Alberta, Canada

~"Sharon has given me many massages and recently gave me one of the best massages I've ever had." - Mary, Edmonds

~"I had my first session with Sharon this week. It was an in-person session using tuning forks and Craniosacral. I found Sharon to be incredibly caring and intuitive, finding the trouble spots and using such gentle pressure during the Craniosacral session that I could barely feel it. After the treatment my neck felt more relaxed than it has in years. Thank you, Sharon for a wonderful experience!"- Elaine, Saskatoon, Canada

~"Sharon is one of my favorite massage therapists. Her hands are incredibly strong, and she can usually intuit the exact amount of pressure I require, though she is responsive and attentive to my needs if I ask for any changes. However, I rarely ever have to ask her to do anything different. I've had many massages from Sharon, and she was very compassionate towards me and understood the chronic pain I dealt with after an accident. In addition to her great skills as massage therapist, her kind, empathic ways and Reiki abilities contributed to my healing process.
Definitely would recommend!" - Melissa, North Seattle, WA

~"Sharon is an intuitive, gentle massage therapist who combines her massage skills with Reiki to create a relaxing, healing session for her clients. It can be difficult to find a really good massage therapist, and I am so glad to have found Sharon Buck." - Kriss, Everett, WA

A poem written by Jill C. Brown after experiencing many of Sharon's Sound Baths:

The symphony of the night sky, music that matches the symphony of the heart.

Every instrument, voice and sound, it whispers, calls and sometimes shouts.

Open your heart and let the rhythm of all that is, all that ever was and will be permeate every cell so your whole body can dance the dance of the universe.

Singular yet together we’re harmony, we’re percussion, we’re soft and gentle sounds.

We melt into a force of nature, everything is ours to enjoy, never alone, never not wanted, all are loved , all are love.

Love is who we truly are and as brilliant as the night sky we shine together.

~Jill.C.Brown. U.K.

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